Dicentra AG

The company was founded in 2009. Located in Rüti ZH we have a big, well accessible catchment area.

Bleeding heart

The name Dicentra comes from the Greek and is the name of a plant. The red to white corollas are heart shaped with an elongated silhouette.

The flowers beautifully symbolize feelings like love and hurt. The name is an expression for the coping with grief, connected to our services.

Most modern facilities

All the requirements of state and canton are met with the most modern facilities in Switzerland, thanks to very complex technics. At the cremation of your animal there are no harmfull emissions. The entire facility is continuously supervised.

Safety during the process

A simple system ensures that there can never be a mix-up of animals or their ashes. At individual cremations, as soon as the animal comes to us, every animal receives a stone made of fireclay with a unique number, that is cremated together with the animal. This stone can be found in the ashes and will stay with it when it is transferred to the urn or bag.

Our employees

For a professional service, we stand by our name.

Urs Kapp


Klaus Häffner

Sylvie Kapp-Chanel

Corina Roth

Jolanda Tenger

Lucien Kapp

Esther Pfister

Willi Dietrich

Katharina Honegger