The prices of a cremation depend on the weight of the animal, and if you choose an idividual or a collective cremation.

Pour une crémation individuelle, les urnes, caissettes en bois ou sacs en tissus ne sont pas compris dans le prix.

If you choose an individual cremation, and would like to have the ashes returned, there will be added cost for the urn, the wooden box, or the fabric bag, as well as CHF 20.00 for the postage.

The cost for a pick-up at your veterinarian are CHF 25.00 within 25 km of the crematory, CHF 45.00 within 45 km or CHF 60.00 within 100 km. For further distances please request an offer.

For a pick-up at the owner of the animal we charge a basic charge of CHF 50.00, plus chf 1.00 per km we drive. If the pick-up takes place between 7 pm and 7 am, as well as pick-ups on Sundays or holidays, we will add a surcharge of 50%.

For a personal drop-off or pick-up of aninals between 7 pm and 7 am, as well as on Sundays or holidays, we also charge CHF 100.00 extra.

If you would like to be present at the cremation, we will charge CHF 80.00 during office hours, and CHF 400.00 on weekends, holidays and evenings.

If you would like an individual recommendation, we will gladly talk to you.

All prices are in CHF, including VAT.

Prices are subject to change.