If you wish, we can make a timeless diamond or sapphire out of the ashes or hair of your loved one. This way a part of your loved friend will stay with you after its death. To grief does not mean to forget, but to remember the beautiful moments that you have shared with your loved one. It is also possible to make a diamond out of human ashes.

Would you like to have such a beautiful diamond or sapphire made?

We would like to help you.

For diamonds

We need for the diamond 300 g ashes or 10 g hair or feathers.

From CHF 2700.00 for an uncut diamond and from CHF 4550.00 for a cut, uncolored example, or CHF 3350.00 for a colored one.


Für sapphires

We need for the sapphire 100 g ashes or 10 g hair or feathers.

From CHF 2822.00 for a cut sapphire.

Are you interested or do you have further questions?

Please do not hesiate to contact us. Our experienced team will give you detailed advice.