Pearl with soul

White angel

CHF 189.00

Diameter: approx. 18 mm

Length of the chain: 80 cm

Material: pearl made of ceramic, chain made of silver


These unforgettable, handcrafted ceramic pearl combine itself thanks to a mini-laboratory in just 15 minutes with the essence of your pet.

A strand of fur or a knife point of ash are completely enough.
The liquid in the mini-laboratory decomposes the basic material in its natural ingredients. After completion of the process, the fluid will be filled in the pearl and absorbed by the specially developed ceramic.
Now the elements of your favorite has demonstrably passed into the jewelry.

Of course, you can also leave the filling to us. This service is free of charge.

Because the pearls are handmade, there may be small inclusions or irregularities in the shape and color. Every piece of jewelry is unique, even before the elements are added.